Shut Up and Write

Jo Sutherst is a second year PhD researcher in Art History and Visual Culture and a keen facilitator for the Doctoral College’s PGR Writing Groups.

Mid December 2020, the Christmas holidays approached with the prospect of higher lockdown tiers and many PGRs being away from family and friends around the world.…

Preparing for your online Viva

Hannah Littler is a final year PhD researcher in Biosciences funded by NERC GW4+ and Cefas; and recently completed her viva online. She is an ecotoxicologist studying how exposure history can alter the tolerance of fish to environmental chemicals through non-genetic mechanisms.

Part-time and Distant!

Emmet Jackson is a part-time distance Ph.D. Candidate in the Archaeology Department under the supervision of Dr Robert Morkot. He is working on the history and development of Egyptology in Ireland, the public and private collections of Egyptian antiquities, and the complex issues posed by Ireland’s place as a colony, but with individuals who were also part of the ruling imperial elite.

The benefits of micro-mentoring

Léna Prouchet is a first-year PhD student based in the Environment and Sustainability Institute, Penryn Campus. Her research investigates strategies that could jointly address food insecurity and deforestation in the Peruvian rainforest.

“What on Earth is micro-mentoring?”

These were my first thoughts when I saw the Twitter post of the Exeter Doctoral College offering to book a micro-mentoring session.…

If you were a brand what would you be?


Katherine Strick and Anastasia Voronkova are both PhD researchers. Katherine’s current research is investigating how meaningful occupation for people with dementia is perceived and the impact of this. She is presently working on the creation of a conceptual model.  Anastasia’s current research is investigating the interaction of health and wellbeing and environment conservation and sustainable exploitation (alternative livelihoods) in Indonesian Marine Protected Areas as part of the Blue Communities Project.…