Week 3 Blog Post Task

Based on your discussion in class, pick ONE of the discussion questions below to write up formally as a blog post.

Reflect on your screening and lecture this week on Soviet Cinema and the Russian Revolution.

  • What have you learned this week about the way cinema is used to:
    • respond to
    • process
    • or contribute to political conflict and upheaval?
  • Is cinema part of political history, or just a way of recording / documenting it?
  • Why do you think cinema might be a particularly powerful tool in periods of political conflict or change?

Think about how these kinds of questions might prompt lots of responses, and then think about how you might narrow down those responses to make a shorter, clearer critical statement in your post.

This could involve, for example, trying to make one or two main points, and picking one clear example (e.g. a film, or a moment from a film) to support those point.