Lisa Heinz

I grew up in Southwest Germany, where I worked as a cave guide long before I started my undergraduate studies in Geosciences. During my Master’s in Geology I focused on cobalt ore deposits and mineral processing methods. I am very interested in sustainable mining and recycling, and want to facilitate a sustainable supply and use of mineral resources.

My PhD project at the Camborne School of Mines focuses on legacy mine waste in the UK. Within my research, I aim to develop new environmentally friendly methods for the recovery of Copper and other metals critical for the Green Economy. Mining the waste could offset cost for environmental remediation of mine waste sites. More information on my PhD project can be found here.

In addition to the inspiring research community at CSM, I am also part of the GeoNetZero Centre for Doctoral Training. This PhD research and training programme focuses on “key areas in Geoscience and their role in the Low Carbon Energy Transition and Challenge of Net Zero” (https://geo-net-zero.hw.ac.uk/).

My favourite mineral is Epidote, as it is very versatile. It forms in many different geological environments, representing high-pressure conditions in mountain building processes as well as high temperatures related to ore-deposit formation. On many geological fieldtrips, I have found and collected Epidote containing rock samples. The mineral has a very distinctive pistachio-green colour.

Lisa Pirko Heinz

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