Monthly Archive: October 2015


Pulling wool over your eyes

Dom Maclaine, 20th October 2015 The public smacking that the United Nation (UN) gave the UK over cutting renewable subsidies does seem to be a last ditch attempt to save solar power in the...


Rudd’s ‘magic money tree’ risks undermining investments in a low carbon economy

Bridget Woodman Amber Rudd’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference was enlightening in many ways. Apart from anything else, it was the first time since the her appointment as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change,...


The strategic importance of democratising energy

Iain Soutar, EPG, 8th October 2015 Speaking at the Labour Conference last week, shadow secretary Lisa Nandy sought to clarify what energy policy would look like under a Labour government. The speech appeared to...


Dealing with an unwanted guest

There is a lot about Jeremy Corbyn’s appointment as Labour leader that is similar to rediscovering your first boyfriend/girlfriend. You know the one you thought about very weak reasons to dump such as ‘I...

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