Author: tpownall


Airline bailouts – Has Air France been tied down by ‘green strings’?

By Calum Harvey-Scholes, 20th of May 2020 Covid-19 has spread rapidly around the world, partly due to busy international transport connections. Attempts to suppress its transmission and save lives have precipitated a sudden and...


Heat: a policy chasm on the route towards net-zero

By Richard Lowes, University of Exeter. 5th of May 2020 Introduction BEIS released a suite of documents regarding ‘clean heating’ policy last Tuesday including most importantly details of what will follow on from the...


Local Authorities and Sustainable Energy: Decentralisation and Capacity Building

By Jess Britton, University of Exeter and Caroline Kuzemko, University of Warwick. 24th February, 2020. There is increasing focus, both within the UK and internationally, on the role of sub-national actors in sustainable energy systems....

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