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Air Traffic Controls? Local Government Ownership and National Policy Changes

By Calum Harvey-Scholes, Energy Policy Group, 10th of August 2021 I set out in the first blog in this series how different UK local governments are approving and refusing applications for expansion, occasionally with...


Air Traffic Controls? National Policy and Governance

By Calum Harvey-Scholes, Energy Policy Group, 4th of August 2021. This second in the “Air Traffic Controls” blog series continues from the first, using policy analysis examine the contradiction between climate policy and the...


Air Traffic Controls? Climate Action and Expanding 31 UK Airports

By Calum Harvey-Scholes, Energy Policy Group, 30th of July 2021 This blog series describes the mismatch between the climate ambition of the UK national and local governments on the one hand, and plans to...


Airline bailouts – Has Air France been tied down by ‘green strings’?

By Calum Harvey-Scholes, 20th of May 2020 Covid-19 has spread rapidly around the world, partly due to busy international transport connections. Attempts to suppress its transmission and save lives have precipitated a sudden and...

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