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Policy communities: small world, big deal

By OSCAR FITCH-ROY Climate change is kind of a big deal. It will affect all life on the planet in some way. The precise details (on a scale of bad to unthinkable) depend on...


Brexit and energy: what future for UK-EU energy cooperation?

Brexit and energy: what future for UK-EU energy cooperation? Written by:  Antony Froggatt and Georgina Wright from Chatham House and Matthew Lockwood from the Energy Policy Group at the University of Exeter. The UK’s...


Should we stay or should we go?

DOMINIC MACLAINE   2016 could be a massive year for the UK and energy policy. There is going to be a referendum on 23 June to see if we are to vote to stay in the...


State of the Energy Union: we need clear targets & effective governance

State of the Energy Union Review Highlights the Need for Clear Targets and Effective Governance on the EU and Member State Level This blog links to a more detailed working paper: A Comparison of the...


Auctions – The myth of market forces

Oscar Fitch-Roy The renewable-energy industry’s attitude towards auctions has gradually shifted from outright resistance to grudging acceptance.But love them or loathe them, renewable-energy auctions are here to stay. Auction-based systems, also known as tenders,...


Will the SNP be a new thorn in Cameron’s side?

Dominic Maclaine Although he played not particularly frightening Draculas in a number of films, one of his scariest roles was in ‘the Wicker Man’ where he played the head of a Scottish cult who...

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