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Wind farms: Britain’s offshore boom is concentrating power in the hands of a few very large developers

By Bridget Woodman, Energy Policy Group, 11th Sept 2017 The price of offshore wind continues to fall dramatically. The UK government’s latest round of contracts for renewable generation have just been announced, and they show...


Hinkley C delay: how UK can exploit this attack of common sense in energy policy

BRIDGET WOODMAN THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED IN THE CONVERSATION   These are extraordinary times for energy policy in the UK. After years of resigned acceptance that the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station would...


Too cheap to meter? – I don’t think so!

Dominic Maclaine The output of nuclear power is ‘too cheap to meter’. This is a quote often attributed to the Central Electricity Board’s Walter Marshall but it was actually the US’s Lewis Strauss of...

Snouts in the uncertainty trough 0

Snouts in the uncertainty trough

There may be hints that the UK has turned the corner and is coming out of recession. But they are just hints and the UK has a long, long way to go to get...

Osborne won’t usher in a renewable renaissance 0

Osborne won’t usher in a renewable renaissance

This post first appeared in The Conversation July 4th, 2013 In a dramatic flourish of energy policy announcements over the past two weeks, the government’s spending review was merely the first act. Soon after,...

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