Health and Medical Research Showcase

On Friday 27 June, around 300 people were welcomed to the University of Exeter Forum for the Health and Medical Research Showcase, an annual research event organised by Research and Knowledge Transfer and the University of Exeter Medical School. PhD student Joana Viana was there…

The aim of this event was to gather together people from the most diverse areas of medical research to present their work and discuss new ways for approaching these areas.

The day started with a welcome and introduction by Professor Angela Shore from the Medical School, followed by three keynote presentations.

Dr Francesca Palombo from the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences explained how the study of dynamical and complex biological structures using spectroscopy can help reveal pathological alterations in diverse diseases such and cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The second keynote speaker was Dr Richard Chahwan, from the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, who talked about how mutations on the DNA molecule are essential in the context of efficient immune response.

The final speaker, Professor Chema Valderas, from the Medical School, presented his views on patient-centred health care and explained how aspects such as multimorbidity and patient reported experiences of care can help assess patient-centredness in the clinic.

During the poster sessions, more than 160 people from across all the University’s six colleges displayed their research to the public. The sessions were highly dynamic, with a large amount of high quality scientific discussions among researchers and other members of the general public.

The event brought together people from the most diverse fields of research, presenting a great opportunity for people from different colleges to meet and network over lunch and coffee, opening doors to new topics of discussion and creating space for new collaborations.

Top row – Inês Castro’s winning poster – ‘Peroxisome dynamics in health and disease’.
Bottom row – Philip Waters (L) and Giles Cory (R) were both highly commended for their posters.

After a science-full day, Professor Nick Talbot, Deputy-Vice Chanecllor Research and Knowledge Transfer presented the awards. The winner of the Best Poster was Inês Castro with a poster titled ‘Peroxisome dynamics in health and disease’. Her work focuses on the complexity and dynamics of peroxisome behaviour, which play a crucial role in several aspects of cellular environment and organelle interaction. She explained that the molecular characterisation of important proteins that regulate peroxisome morphology can help in the understanding of disorders with defects in the dynamics of this organelle.

The posters of other two researchers received high commendations for their creativity. These were ‘Making the message stick – how RNA tells cells where to go’ by Giles Cory and ‘In search of the giant’s underpants: how story-based play in nature can help children be physically active’ by Philip Waters.

All in all, it was a very successful day and we can only hope that opportunities like this to create bridges between colleges will continue to arise.

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