Graduate In Focus Series

To announce two new marine MSc taught courses at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus, we got in touch with just some of our brilliant MSc conservation graduates to find out what they are up to now.

In the MSc Graduate In Focus series we speak to several graduates from MSc programmes within the Center for Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

They share their experiences of studying in Cornwall, how their course has helped them in their careers and what they are doing now.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to study with us, look no further!

Check out our new degrees:

MSc Marine Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation

MSc Marine Environmental Management

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Janey Sellars (UK, 2021) – Project Coordinator for ExeterMarine Research Network

Kelly Atkins (USA, 2014) – PhD Student at the University of Exeter

Elizabeth Campbell (Peru, 2014) – PhD Student with Prodelphinus (Peru) and the University of Exeter

Matt Carter (UK, 2014) – Post Doctoral Research Fellow with SMRU at St. Andrews University

Megan Chevis (Panama, 2015) – National Coordinator for MarAlliance Panama

Thomas Clay (UK, 2012)  Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Liverpool

Jennifer Cruce-Horeg (USA, 2009)  Conservation Resources Programme Manager, U.S. Departmentof Navy, Guam

Tammy Davies (UK, 2008) – Marine Science Officer, BirdLife International

Phil Doherty (UK, 2011)  Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Exeter

Haley Dolton (UK, 2018) – PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin

Owen Exeter (UK, 2017)  Graduate Research Assistant, University of Exeter

Joana Hancock (Portugal, 2011)  Sea Turtle Biologist, Olive Ridley Project, Kenya

Catherine Hart (UK,2009) – Scientific Director at Red Tortuguera (Sea Turtle Network), Mexico

Victoria Jeffers (UK, 2014)  Head of Implementation – Global Conservation Programmes, Blue Ventures

Chris Kerry (UK, 2018) – PhD Student, University of Exeter

Kieran McCloskey (USA, 2017)  PhD Student, University of Exeter

Kristian Metcalfe (UK, 2008) – Lecturer, University of Exeter

Sarah Nelms (UK, 2014)  Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Exeter

Matt Nicholson (USA, 2014) – PhD Student, Arkansas State University

Lili Poggio Colman (Brazil, 2013) – Post Doctoral Researcher, Projeto Tamar (Brazil) and the University of Exeter

Kylie Scales (UK, 2010) – Senior Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Nathalie Swain Diaz (UK, 2016) – Senior Natural History TV Researcher

Ana Veiga (Cape Verde, 2009) – Vice President and Founder of NGO Lantuna.

Victoria Warwick Evans (UK, 2010) – Marine Spatial Analyst, British Antarctic Survey