Best foot forward to the Bahamas 2015 field course!

Best foot forward


There are only 23 days left until our class of 29 bright-eyed and fin-footed undergraduate students arrive at Eleuthera, Bahamas. We are so excited about the coming course and have been working on scheduling the daily activities. We’re going to be catching sea turtles and tagging them, catching sharks and sampling their blood for physiology studies, surveying for endangered queen conch, recording all the species that depend on rich seagrass systems and diving and snorkelling a ‘BioBlitz’ to identify as many species as possible in one afternoon! We’re thrilled to be working with the amazing staff at The Island School, Cape Eleuthera, who share with us their experts in these different fields of study day by day. It was great last year for the students to meet these world class scientists working in this awesome natural lab and for the students to think about what shape their own future career path might take.

So back to planning… We have swim tested all the students to ensure they can handle the rigours of snorkelling the Atlantic, cut out and started making our quadrats for reef surveys, and have laid out all our packing. Now we just have to work out how to get it all in the case, check into our flights and head west!

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