Countdown begins to two weeks of fishy fun…

In less than one week’s time myself and 26 other eager students will be travelling thousands of miles across the globe to reach our destination: The Bahamas. We have all been buzzing with excitement over the Christmas period and very soon we will be splashing about in the sea having all sorts of fun (with maybe a bit of hard work thrown in too). We have been preparing hard for these two jam-packed weeks full of snorkelling, diving and a few fish dissections here and there too. Who knows maybe we’ll see a Spotted Eagle Ray…or two!

I feel extremely lucky that as part of this course we get the choice of travelling to one of five field courses – the Bahamas, Borneo, Costa Rica, South Africa and Tenerife. I chose the Bahamas purely because I have a passion for marine conservation (and working in 26-degree weather isn’t too bad of a perk either). The vast range of biodiversity the Bahamas holds is mind blowing – sharks, turtles, hundreds of fish species, and miles of stunning coral reefs fill the ocean. My body is aching to just get in the water and explore. Being a keen diver and never having dived anywhere with such crystal clear waters as the Bahamas has to offer, I cannot contain my excitement at the thought of seeing the magnificent colours of all the fish on the reef or at the possibility of seeing a Bull shark swimming by.

With many species being endangered or threatened in the Bahamas such as the Green Turtle and Queen Conch, I look forward to learning about how we can manage these problems and improve the status of these declining marine populations through conservation efforts. These species face many serious threats such as over exploitation, habitat degradation and coastal pollution. As scientists in the making hopefully we can help put a stop to this in years to come!

Over the next few weeks we will be running a social media campaign which will follow Bioscience students from the University of Exeter on all of the field courses. To keep you up to date with our daily experiences I will be attempting to post blogs as frequently as possible for the Bahamas Field Course. You can also follow our Bahamas Field Course twitter account, or search for our #FieldBahamas hashtag. We will also be active on our FacebookInstagram and YouTube account.

I have a never ending list of the things I’d like to achieve on this field course, but the icing on the cake would be a turtle selfie. We can dream can’t we? But for now the dreaming has to stop, and the packing must commence!

eew204    December 28th, 2015    Bahamas archive