Day 1 on #fieldbahamas

After arriving at The Island School in Cape Eleuthera at sun set, we were amazed to wake-up to such a beautiful bedroom view!


The 7:30 swim test forced us to face the cool sea and high-five ourselves awake to prepare for the exciting day ahead. After a fuelled breakfast of bacon, eggs and fruit we were ready for a campus tour and some GPS training. The island school blew us away with their sustainability; whether it was the cycle of water drawn through the fish tanks, into the salad garden and back to the fish tanks to be re-fertilised, or the rain water storage under every building that is pumped into their water system. Their sheer use of recycled materials opened my eyes to how much we throw away and how versatile materials really are. A personal favourite was the use of glass bottles in the walls of buildings to allow natural light in and reduce the need for windows.

In order to familiarise ourselves with the island and become best friends with our GPS, we spent the afternoon geo-cashing. This involves being given a set of coordinates, cycling to this point using the GPS to locate, and finding the tag in that specific location will then give you coordinates for the next point. All of the point markers made up a monogram of a marine species – sadly I cannot say what the species was purely because we haven’t figured it out yet! The bikes tested us to our limits with broken chains and flat tyres, and after 2 hours we were sweaty, exhausted, and ready for a lie down.

This evening we had two lectures; one intense hour on reef fish species ID and the other on what corals are, the good they do for the world and the risks they are faced with. Now our heads are full we are tired but happy and ready for bed!

vrb203    January 5th, 2016    Bahamas archive