Extreme snorkelling and turtle catching…. Team conch had good day!

At last the tropical storms have passed and the sun is finally shining! This was true for land but as we hit the speed boat to snorkel over shallow and deep coral reefs the waves fought back and made out journey a bit bouncy to say the least. Sadly this meant we were more limited to where we could snorkel and in some cases the waves were swallowing us up and we had to escape back to the boat.

Despite the mammoth waves, we saw a huge range of fish over the reefs including a spotlight parrot fish and we finally saw our first lion fish! Although we shouldn’t be wanting to see them as they are a such destructive invasive species, we were still excited to see the impressive fish in real life. We also saw a range of Christmas tree worms which are one of my favourite finds on this trip.

After a swift lunch in the minibus and a slight error in where we were meant to drive, we made it to Winding Bay. Our mission was to use seine nets to catch juvenile Green Sea Turtles and collect measurements for a project carried out by a member of the Cape Eleuthera Institute. On our second attempt at seine netting we managed to catch two turtles; one had been caught a few days ago so we took a few turtle selfies and set it free. The other had not been tagged before so we measured the body and head, including the curve of the shell and the head diameter, gave the turtle two shiny metal tags and took two biopsy samples before it was free to swim again. Seeing these tiny turtles in real life was an incredible experience I know none of us will ever forget and we felt truly grateful for this day!


I can proudly say my choice of name was chosen and this Green Sea Turtle was officially named Squirm today!

vrb203    January 8th, 2016    Bahamas archive