Lions and Rhinos (no bears)

Day 7 got off to an unusual start when a puppy stole Purabi’s sock. A day of data gathering later, we reconvened for dinner at 7 and graded project discussions afterwards. A rather uneventful day, with another set of early nights in preparation for more morning data work.

Day 8 saw a productive morning of data work, and an early lunch as we prepared to leave for Nakuru, leaving most of our kit at Naivasha and taking only overnight bags. After several hours of car journeying, we made it to the national park and began a safari drive, immediately spotting two Crested Eagles and a Tawny Eagle, as well as two troops of Baboons and some Impala.



Just as we reached the campsite we got a call over the radio and the van was quickly turned around – “Simba!” Sure enough there was a female with three cubs lying almost invisible in the long grass. After several minutes they became much more active, moving from the shade they were in and walking out onto the road ahead of the vans before disappearing off into the distance.


To top things off, on the way back from this we spotted a Crowned Crane and Verreaux Eagle Owl, two species we had been very excited to see.

After dinner was a firelight discussions on the mechanisms and evolution of cooperative breeding, and we were informed that the next day would be an extremely early start, ready for a dawn safari drive.

Day 9 started with the dawn safari, around the Nakuru lake. Stars of the show were the Crowned Cranes, Pink Backed Pelicans, Flamingos and a herd of around 8 White Rhino. Buffalo and Baboons were everywhere, and while the bird bus saw a Rothschild Giraffe and Black Storks, the others saw three Black Rhino.


They were a long way away.



After a late breakfast we left Nakuru for Naivasha, arriving back around 1:00 for lunch and getting back to our data collection in the afternoon. Once again interrupted by rain, although this time not enough to make us stop working, we regrouped for dinner at 7 and had yet another early night.

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