Countdown to Costa Rica!

With Christmas now behind us Field Course Fortnight is only just around the corner and therefore current final year bioscience and masters students will be preparing for what is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. In the last days before we jet off to our respective exotic destinations we will be frantically checking off our kit lists and brushing up on our knowledge of the diverse flora and fauna we are set to encounter throughout our time away.


In just over 1 week 40 students will be embarking on San Jose airport to begin Field Course Costa Rica! Known for its incredible biodiversity, Costa Rica will provide us with the perfect opportunity to find a vast amount of wildlife, from tropical frogs to hummingbirds, and sea turtles to jaguars. Some phenomenal animals we have our fingers crossed to see include the quirky three-toed sloth and translucent glass frog, both of which you may recognise from their recent appearance on Planet Earth II! In our upcoming blog posts we be highlighting the awesome locations we are due to visit and featuring profiles of the fantastic species Costa Rica has to offer!

Three-toed sloth Glass frog - Hyalinobatrachium dianae

Over the entire course of the fortnight we will be providing you with regular updates to give an insight into our experiences during the field course and all the cracking animals we encounter along the way! Be sure to follow all our social media accounts and keep track of our epic journey to Costa Rica!
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Twitter: @uoefieldcrica

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