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7th January 2017

After hours of travel and rather a few delays, 40 students set to embark on Field course Costa Rica congregated at Hotel Autentico, jet lagged but keen to see the incredible diversity this country has to offer.

Stuffed from our 6.30am breakfast the group set off for the La Selva biological station situated right in the heart of the rainforest, emphasis on the RAIN. However, the weather definitely failed to dampen our spirits as we explored La Selva spotting a wide variety of wildlife:

A boa constrictor
Strawberry poison dart frogs
and an extremely popular three-toed sloth with its baby, which you can see chilling in the tree below!
After class discussions, which focused on La Selva’s incredible research history and the wide topic of hypotheses as to why the tropics are so diverse, we got stuck in to the last field session of the day, frogging. Searching with our headtorches we scoured the jungle for any amphibian in sight, and with some expert frog catching we got our first look at the wonderful Red-eyed tree frog, which as you can tell from the name has stunning red eyes!
Field course Costa Rica has only just started and we already have memorable sightings of incredible animals. Make sure to keep following our journey!
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