Soaking Students

9th January

In hindsight it seems a bit naive of us to have thought the past few days were wet, today the rainforest truly did live up to its name.


The topic of the day revolved around conducting censuses of species in the jungle using auditory and visual cues to count the number of different species at 50m intervals, with a discussion session comprising of different techniques, pros and cons.

This would be a perfect opportunity to see some unique wildlife, until the rain started! Unfortunately one of the only animals not taking shelter during the terrential rain happened to be a group of determined university students…


As time went on and the rain continued to pour, the pathway pretty much resembled a stream. But we soldiered on, mainly due to the lecturers gift of a cereal bar, and continued collecting our data for each marked location, with the majority of species being the odd little spider, cricket or harvestmen. However, for a few groups their species list got rather more exciting. Managing to find a glass frog, terupine, tarantula and bats!


Once again we returned to camp soaked to the core, rushing to get dry again as quick as possible!

Later Andy and Moncho made our evening by appearing with an exciting selection of frogs for us to see from another glass frog to a perfectly named brilliant frog! A brilliant way to end what was a rather rough day!

Tomorrow promising to be a little drier our spirits are still high, as we will begin our journey to Monteverde, stopping by at La Fortuna (or was that for tuna?) and taking a boat ride across lake Arenal. With the promise of swimming we are set for a day to remember!


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