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Bring on Field Course Galapagos 2018! With under two weeks to go, the preparation for the field course of a lifetime is fully underway! And to kick it off, our first blog will be about the beautiful island we will be studying on, and what exactly we will be studying!

The Galapagos islands are a group of 20 islands within a volcanic archipelago. They lie 1000 km off the West coast of Ecuador in the Pacific. Due to their isolation, they are home to some of the most incredible creatures, found nowhere else on earth. On our field course we will be looking at just a few of the species, but more about them below.


The Galapagos consists of 7 major islands- Isabela, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Floreana, Espanola, Santiago and Fernandia.

We will be spending our time on San Cristobal, studying coastal, hinter-land, town, marine and highland ecosystems. We will be studying the impact that some invasive species may have had on San Cristobal (e.g. wild blackberry, parasitic flies) and what is being done to help endemic species in need.


Research projects will be carried out on the animals on the islands; from the weird and wonderful Galapagos Marine Iguana and Giant Tortoise, the charismatic fur seals and penguins to the lesser-known Sally Lightfoot Crab! We will be updating this page on more about each species as we see them, or you can find more information at The Galapagos Conservation Trust as well as learning about the fantastic work they carry out!

We will be sure to keep you updated with photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! And we will have short pieces uploaded here from our students of all our adventures, so do watch this space, and if you have any suggestions or queries do not hesitate to let us know!

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Be sure to watch Field Course Fortnight for a fantastic and fun 3 minute insight into what previous students have been up to!

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