Kenya 2018: The adventures begin

4th  January 2018

It’s only been a matter of months since we started studying for our various masters degrees, but it feels like Kenya has been a long time coming. We spent 3 months feasting on knowledge, feeding our brains with information on our chosen focus, plus statistics – oh the statistics! We then spent 3 weeks feasting on food and drink, filling our bellies with festive goodies and enjoying the sparkling Christmas atmosphere with family and friends.

Now it’s time for our big adventure; the MSc Biosciences Kenya field courses 2018! We’ve split in to three groups, focussing on Behavioural Ecology, Conservation Science & Policy and Conservation & Biodiversity.

The Biodiversity and Policy teams head off together, on a drizzly Wednesday night, packing tents on the midnight coach from Penryn under Storm Eleanor’s rainy gaze. Check the weather in Nairobi – 19°C and clear –  let’s get going!

Smiles at the start of the 8.5hr flight to Nairobi

Over the next 18 hours of coaches, cars, airports and planes, between napping and movies, we chat about what the next 16 days might have in store. Those who have been to Kenya before share their stories, the amazing wildlife they’ve seen, the people they’ve met, maybe even share a little Swahili. Those of us who have not been to Kenya before – or even the African continent – listen intently and excitedly and try to soak up whatever information we can.

Between stunning cloudscapes, we watch the Greek Islands pass beneath us, engulfed in an azure sea. We pass over deserts, mountains, towns and cities. We watch the sun slowly descend, bathing the plane in a warm glow before finally saying goodnight, a rainbow on the horizon gradually fading until finally we’re flying through darkness. We try to sleep – try, at least.

At 21:30 local time (18:30 UK) we land in Nairobi; we step through the plane doors and in to the warm African night. The Biodiversity and Policy teams bid each other a fond farewell as we embark on our separate journeys; we’ll meet again in 16 days, full of stories and experiences  – let the adventure begin!

Finally arrived in Nairobi!


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