My first experience in the Bahamas was being hugged by a member of the airport staff because I was worried about missing my plane. As far as first impressions go, that wasn’t a bad one. I didn’t miss the plane, I met the rest of team Bahamas and we boarded the tiny, propeller-driven plane for the last leg of our journey.
“It’s going to be a rather choppy but hopefully somewhat comfortable flight,” the captain declared, and we were off. From the air, the complex coastlines of the islands are really apparent – all the lagoons in particular caught my eye. There were also sand flats  making gorgeous patterns in the water – the Bahamas was clearly living up to its name.

Slightly further from the shore, waves were breaking over what I hoped were reefs. The hint of seeing them in real life after spending so long learning about them was beyond exciting. The general feeling here is that we can’t wait to get in the water and see what’s down there!

The plane touched down in Eleuthera with a full cohort of students AND all their luggage – apparently that’s a first!
We piled into a couple of minivans and headed of to the Cape – a good opportunity to take in the scenery. Everything seemed to be tiny here – tiny houses, tiny churches, tiny schools. Even the mangroves we saw were petite!
Unpacking was a strange affair, in the girls’ dorm at least. The lights weren’t working, so it was a game of flashing torchlight and shadows. Once properly illuminated, we could properly admire our surroundings – a wood-beamed, lofty building known as the treehouses!

Dinner was much welcomed after our various travels, and the food far surpassed expectations.  After a quick introduction to the island, we were free to go – we unanimously decided to get an early night!

eo271    January 3rd, 2018    Bahamas

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