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Our long-awaited “day off” was finally here! No academic work – instead, we piled into the minibuses to see some sights.  One long road travels from the top to the bottom of Eleuthera – Queen’s Highway.  We took the ‘down island’ route, which goes straight… up, to the Glass Window.  As we drove, we escaped the terrifying weather we had woken up to.

We made a pitstop halfway there at a bakery which made killer coconut pastries.  Driving through the island was a great way to appreciate the overall landscape – we passed villages, mangrove swamp, several calm beaches and the odd forested patch.

The glass window is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic ocean.  Impressive as a geographical feature, but none of us were prepared for the amazing sights.  Calm, aquamarine water on one side met thunderous blue waves on the other.  We sat on the calmer coastline for lunch, avoiding the spray thrown up by the Atlantic crashing against the island.

To complete our tourist guise, we visited a souvenir shop which sold trinkets made from seaglass and recycled plastic.  A little further off the beaten track was a lake which we were told was full of seahorses.  Here we had to be agonisingly careful not to stir up sediment and disturb this fragile habitat.  The scenery reminded me of a nature documentary – lush green slopes plunging abruptly into the stunning blue water.  Snorkelling was a murky affair, but most of us managed to spot a seahorse or two hiding in the weeds!

The sun was setting as we drove back.  On campus, we finished the day with music and card games.  Tomorrow will be back to practical work, as our team goes shark fishing!

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