Welcome to the Jungle!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but for the last few days we have been staying at a remote location on the Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is in the south west Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica and is renowned for harbouring some of the country’s most charismatic wildlife.

There is no road access to the Osa so we got to our location via a boat journey that took us through some of the best mangroves in the country. We learnt about some of the adaptations that allow Mangrove trees to flourish in such a challenging environment and how important this ecosystem is for humans and wildlife.


Arriving into a secluded bay on the Osa after a 5 hour boat trip we settled into our wooden hut camp, just a stone’s throw from a palm fringed beach and the expansive Pacific Ocean.

In our three days on the Osa we spent many hours exploring the jungle trails looking and listening carefully for the often elusive wildlife.
Activities included ecological census excercises, camera trapping, bird mist netting, bat trapping, searching for nocturnal animals and moth trapping…

…all of these combined meant that we saw an amazing combination of tropical species!



On Monday we took to the sea and headed out to the waters of Isle de Caño, a marine protected area famed for its coral reef systems. From the boat we saw frigatebirds overhead, an olive-ridley turtle wrestling with a porcupine fish at the sea surface and tropical spotted dolphins slicing through the water below!

We spent a few hours snorkelling around the reef system enjoying the tropical waters and the awesome diversity of tropical fish interacting around the reef!

Continuing the marine theme we have been learning a lot about protecting the Countries precious marine ecosystems. Just today we had had an incredibly insightful talk from the inspiration Randal Aruouz, who is a leading scientist and campaigner in turtle and shark conservation.

We are now at Monteverde, a cloud forest research station in the North of Costa Rica. We can’t wait to see what else the country will offer!


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