2 Days on Flores

Hello from Flores! We have been staying here for 2 days before returning to Faial, and honestly this place is amazing. We arrived on Wednesday and went for a walk to discuss experimental design & the sort of things that might be interesting to study whilst on the island. Wednesday afternoon gave us some free time, so many of us went to explore, ending up in the (very morbid) whaling museum & swimming in the natural pools.

We also spent Wednesday night and yesterday morning putting our experimental design skills to use, designing a 3-year study on marine litter around the island of Faial. See, we do actually do some work!

Yesterday was spent having an amazing tour of the island; hearing about some of the invasive & endemic plant species on the island. Our tour guide even showed us how to drink nectar out of Hedychium gardnerianum, a type of ginger introduced to the island to feed cattle.


The tour included some amazing lagoons and ended with a beautiful view of waterfalls.



The Azores 2018 team, all looking very exhausted after the hike.

Deep lagoon (108m deep) & Dark lagoon (15m deep), both distinctly different colours.

Photo Credit: Katy Dixon

We are now preparing to fly back to Faial today, and back to the campsite just in time for some rather stormy weather. Links to the other social media pages are linked down below again, feel free to check them out. Wish us luck!






See you on Faial!



ra420    September 14th, 2018    Azores

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