An in-tents start…

Good Morning from Faial! After 4 flights & a night’s stay in Ponta Delgada we finally pitched up our tents & settled in yesterday. Sleeping in tents last night was interesting, getting woken up a lot by noisy Cory’s Shearwaters, but I’m sure I’ll have to get used to that!

Yesterday was a free day for us, and I think it was well deserved after the journey we had. I can’t express in words how beautiful Faial is. Our campsite is about 10 feet from the beach; black volcanic sands with Mount Pico in the distance & it is hot, hot hot!

Photo Credit: Chris Laing

We spent the day making the most of our free time; cooling down in the water either swimming or snorkelling. Whilst we’re all drained from travelling, snorkelling was the perfect pick-me-up & a great experience (thanks James for getting some fab pics!).

Spot the octopus! Photo credit: James Turley

Photo Credit: James Turley

Today some of us are off whale watching, whilst some of us will be snorkelling again, this time surveying fish & algae on Porto Pim. I’m looking forward to snorkelling again today; after a long summer being landlocked in London it’s exactly what I’ve been needing! Hopefully I’ll get to report back with lots more fab photos of Porto Pim and what we find when snorkelling.

Just a short one today as so far we’ve mostly just been travelling & settling in, but I’m sure they’ll be plenty more to report soon! As per usual social media links are below, please feel free to check them out!

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See you soon!


ra420    September 11th, 2018    Azores

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