The excitement is building for Yukon & Alaska…

It’s only a couple of days to go until a group of us head off to some of the wildest spots in North America – and no, I’m not talking about Vegas. Instead, we will be heading away from the cities, deep into the bear country of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory for 2 weeks of research and practical learning in the Taiga – and the excitement is setting in!

Amongst our cohort are students and lecturers with interest and experience in a wide variety of different areas of bioscience, which means everyone is excited about a different aspect of what we might see, some examples of which include:

“I’m really excited about being able to see bears and wolves out in the wild! And because of the time of year we’re visiting, there’s always the chance that we’ll see bears fishing in the salmon run!” – Emily Gilford

“I’m most excited to see how big a moose actually is” – Joanna Griffith

“I want to see a wolf and/or hear howling” – Hannah Siuda

“If we do manage to see pikas then that’s what I’d be excited about” – Nina Noad

“I’m super keen for the whale watching trip” – Francesca Ellis

“The Northern Lights!” – Camille Burton

Personally, I have to say that I’d be excited just to see caribou or elk, as I’m a bit of a hoofstock nerd.

(Credit to Yukon News for above photo)

Yukon and Alaska are home to all of these species, as well as placed at ideal latitudes for us to see the Northern Lights, so our fingers are crossed that all our wishes come true!

We will keep you updated throughout the trip with accounts of what we see, discover and learn through the #FieldCourseFortnight and #FieldYukonAlaska hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to follow us on this awesome trip!

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