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Having returned from Costa Rica earlier this week, we have had time to reflect on how fortunate we were to be apart of an incredible field trip. The diversity of the country, wildlife encounters, talented professors and the amazing people on this trip made it a highlight of my university experience. Now to hear from some of the other students, who have summarised their experiences and favourite parts of the field course:

El Hackett “Costa Rica was a really educational and fun trip. It was cool to have talks from well established scientists, some of which I have used as references before in exams. It was also good to have a mixture of lectures with different interests and a guide from Costa Rica, as it meant we were constantly told about a whole array of different species. It was amazing to have the mixture of land and sea animals, as the other field trips focus on one. There was lots of optional extra walks, which is good for those that prefer to have a choice, but also benefitted the eager people that want to explore as much as possible”

Chloe Searle “The trip as a whole was incredible, as we got to see such a variety of species in beautiful places. Top of the list for me was definitely seeing the tapir so close on the Osa Peninsula”

Becca Baker “One of my favourite days had to be snorkelling in the tropical waters off the Isle del Caño. I have never swum in such clear waters before, and we were fortunate enough to swim with whitetip reef sharks, green turtles, a stingray and an abundance of beautiful coral reef fish. “

Cassie Chanin “We were so lucky to see so much incredible wildlife, but the highlight for me was sitting quietly under the moonlight in a banana plantation while a curious tapir came and sniffed each member of our group!”

Louis Driver “From sleeping on the floor with makeshift mosquito nets to practically hugging a tapir, this field trip was one to remember. I never thought I’d see my bag get thrown into the huge waves at the Osa either, but there’s a first time for everything!”

Charlotte Epps “Costa Rica was an amazing experience with passionate lecturers who helped us to expand our knowledge of biodiversity. With engaging seminars and close wildlife encounters, we learnt a lot in a short space of time. Seeing some amazing animals and unique habitats was super inspiring!”

Alice Ryan “the highlight for me was swimming in the sea, on what felt like our own private island. To make it even better, there were scarlet macaws and pelicans flying around us”

Meg Bamford “Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit for any bioscientist. No matter where your specialism may lie, there were plenty of species to be seen and I often found myself in awe of animals I had never even heard of”

Katie Smith “The main thing I’ve enjoyed about the Costa Rica field course is the variation; we got to experience the rain forest, the Highlands, the beach, lakes, rivers and the ocean. The diversity of wildlife which we had the opportunity to see was a magical experience, and it also let me meet people on my course who I may never have otherwise come across. I would recommend Costa Rica to anyone who loves variation (and rice and beans!).

A huge thank you to the field course leaders, who we owe for their inspiring breadth of knowledge, and for making this trip one to remember: Andy, Neeltje, Alex, and Moncho.

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