On our way!!

The holidays are over and our parents are still wondering why we wanted a mosquito net for Christmas and are still puzzled about if Indonesia and Borneo are the same place.

2020 field course fortnight begins next week. As I type, all final year bioscience students excitedly download the field course pdf for the fifth time to read on the journey. We will all be arriving at palangkaraya tomorrow to begin our adventure, discussing any added last minute jungle treks and having a nice group meal so all the students and lecturers can be reenergised.

Considering what is happening globally currently, it seems more pressing than ever to learn about conservation. The Borneo trip highlights applied conservation in the field. The trip will highlight what works and what doesn’t, taking into account Indonesia’s wealth divide and how there are few incentives for the country to preserve their natural wildlife. We’ll be seeing a whole array of unique, brightly coloured insects, reptiles biting at our heels, too many mosquitoes but maybe, maybe, we may see some primates!!

Speaking of current events; if you aren’t aware, indonesia is experiencing an unprecedented amount of rainfall, the current death rate standing roughly at 60. The floods are destroying homes, leaving people homeless. We may see this devastation in person whilst in Jakarta, and I hope to understand how conservation in the future could prevent this or help adapt to climate change.

The Dayak people, native to Borneo, play an essential part in conservation. Hopefully this trip will teach us how scientists are implementing this with the Dayak in mind, and how more difficult it is in person than learning about it in a lecture.

Signal will be limited and WiFi will be nonexistent, we really will be out in the sticks, no beds for us! Only the softest rock for a pillow. See you soon!

hp391    January 5th, 2020    Bahamas

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