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Not Just Catching Rays in the Bahamas

The past three days have been an exhilarating cocktail of activities; long-line fishing for sharks, netting sting rays and catching and dissecting the hugely invasive lionfish! Our long-line fishing gave a thrilling result as we caught two black-nose and one nurse shark reaching nearly two metres! Once caught the Sharks were anchored to the side…

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vrb203    January 12th, 2016    Bahamas archive

The Wildlife of Nakuru

On Saturday night we raised the roofs of our safari vans for the first time! We explored Nakuru National Park with our eyes glued to our binoculars, and we were treated to the sight of a wide variety of wildlife both mammalian and avian. We passed herds of animals with which we are becoming quite…

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cf384    January 10th, 2016    Bahamas archive

Extreme snorkelling and turtle catching…. Team conch had good day!

At last the tropical storms have passed and the sun is finally shining! This was true for land but as we hit the speed boat to snorkel over shallow and deep coral reefs the waves fought back and made out journey a bit bouncy to say the least. Sadly this meant we were more limited…

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vrb203    January 8th, 2016    Bahamas archive

3 green turtles, 2 barracuda, and a lemon shark in a mangrove tree

It’s been nearly four days on Cape Eleuthera and we are all in love with the place and the ocean already. I’m that overwhelmed by it all that I’ve completely fallen behind with blogging, that’s how good it really is. We’ve learnt all about the institute which is ran sustainably; they use denim jeans for…

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eew204    January 6th, 2016    Bahamas archive

Day 1 on #fieldbahamas

After arriving at The Island School in Cape Eleuthera at sun set, we were amazed to wake-up to such a beautiful bedroom view! The 7:30 swim test forced us to face the cool sea and high-five ourselves awake to prepare for the exciting day ahead. After a fuelled breakfast of bacon, eggs and fruit we…

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vrb203    January 5th, 2016    Bahamas archive