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Ten Top Tips for Tip Top Snorkelling

Each year in the Bahamas we take our students to one of my favourite places in the world – underwater – on a daily basis. Our students will come back with tens of hours logged in the water and will be adept at snorkeling. However, snorkeling isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do without some…

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lh225    December 27th, 2014    Bahamas archive

Build up to the Bahamas

The countdown has begun. Having arrived back home in Essex for a few weeks to enjoy Christmas with family and friends, and to enjoy the delights of a fully stocked fridge, its finally time to start counting down the days until the class of 2015 jet off to the Bahamas. With the kit listed printed…

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wjh205    December 15th, 2014    Bahamas archive

Best foot forward to the Bahamas 2015 field course!

  There are only 23 days left until our class of 29 bright-eyed and fin-footed undergraduate students arrive at Eleuthera, Bahamas. We are so excited about the coming course and have been working on scheduling the daily activities. We’re going to be catching sea turtles and tagging them, catching sharks and sampling their blood for…

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lh225    December 12th, 2014    Bahamas archive