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Just Keep Swimming

10th January Today is the day to leave Tirimbina, our bags packed with the damp clothes amassed from the past couple of days and soaked walking boots everywhere in sight. Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold out for us here but we still had some cracking finds, such as this little guy – the granular glass…

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Soaking Students

9th January In hindsight it seems a bit naive of us to have thought the past few days were wet, today the rainforest truly did live up to its name. The topic of the day revolved around conducting censuses of species in the jungle using auditory and visual cues to count the number of different…

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 9th January Day two happened to get even more rainy with water levels quickly rising reaching 1 inch from the bridge to access our accommodation. This was the day to move on to our next location, Tirimbina, but not before another walk around the station keeping our eyes peeled for any exciting species, such as…

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And so it begins

  7th January 2017 After hours of travel and rather a few delays, 40 students set to embark on Field course Costa Rica congregated at Hotel Autentico, jet lagged but keen to see the incredible diversity this country has to offer. Stuffed from our 6.30am breakfast the group set off for the La Selva biological…

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Countdown to Costa Rica!

With Christmas now behind us Field Course Fortnight is only just around the corner and therefore current final year bioscience and masters students will be preparing for what is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. In the last days before we jet off to our respective exotic destinations we will be frantically checking…

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