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Jungla del Jaguar and back to San Jose

On Sunday morning we set off for Jungla del Jaguar on the Osa Peninsula. To get there we went on a boat trip through a mangrove forest where saw an enormous diversity of wildlife. A portion of the list includes flighting scarlet macaws, a mother and chick great potoo, iguanas, a baby crocodile, blue and…

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blr211    January 19th, 2020    Costa Rica


Monteverde encompasses a cloud forest which houses about 2.5% of global diversity with 50% of the fauna and flora within Costa Rica being found here. The station we stayed at is at the highest part of this area, between 1400-1800m above sea level. After some amazing locally grown coffee we began our first morning in…

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blr211    January 12th, 2020    Costa Rica

La Selva Research Station

We began our first full day at La Selva Research Station in the classroom where we were taught how to conduct census exercises between older primary forests and more recently established secondary forests. There are ecological implications for the species richness and biodiversity present dependent on the age of forest. Hence, being able to identify…

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blr211    January 10th, 2020    Costa Rica

Buenas Noches from Costa Rica!

Welcome to the University of Exeter’s field trip blog for Costa Rica 2020. It is the end of our first full day of our field trip and already our eyes have been opened to this amazing new environment. Costa Rica is renowned for its wildlife, containing the highest biodiversity density of any country globally (approximately…

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Ciao for now Costa Rica!

Having returned from Costa Rica earlier this week, we have had time to reflect on how fortunate we were to be apart of an incredible field trip. The diversity of the country, wildlife encounters, talented professors and the amazing people on this trip made it a highlight of my university experience. Now to hear from…

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es502    January 24th, 2019    Costa Rica