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Introducing the Galapagos field course 2020

This blog will be following the 3rd year 2020 Field Trip in the Galàpagos Islands, tackling problematics of environmental awareness & cultural appreciation, with a focus on how we, and you, can travel as sustainably as possible. Firstly, a touch of history. The Galàpagos played an iconic part in outlining the Evolutionary Theory, which provides…

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A Blue Galapagos

If I were to choose a colour symbolic of the Galapagos archipelago it would undoubtedly be blue. On approach to these islands, as far as the eye can see there are vast turquoise waters: the second largest marine protected area in the world. After spending only a few days with the community of Puerto Ayora…

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Looking back to the Galapagos Islands

The trip to the Galapagos Islands has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Working in such a unique place together with the local researchers, and helping them out with their studies, was equally fascinating as it was inspiring. We got to do and see so many incredible things, I can’t even…

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am769    January 29th, 2018    Galapagos

Beneath the surface of the Galapagos

We’ve just past the half way point of the first ever Galapagos field course and so far, it’s been incredible! Last Monday we all gathered at the University of San Francisco Quito campus on San Cristobal after over 1300 collective hours of travelling to finally reach the island of San Cristobal. That evening we were…

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am769    January 17th, 2018    Galapagos

35 students, 2 weeks, 1 stunning destination

Bring on Field Course Galapagos 2018! With under two weeks to go, the preparation for the field course of a lifetime is fully underway! And to kick it off, our first blog will be about the beautiful island we will be studying on, and what exactly we will be studying! The Galapagos islands are a…

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