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Ol Pejeta take charge on Rhino Conservation

(Firstly, apologies for the delay on this post! Technology has not been my friend as of late; my phone drowned in shower gel and my laptop kicked the bucket too! But anyway! Here’s a little post on the work of Ol Pejeta Consevancy, which I found incredibly inspiring and wanted to share with everyone!)  …

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nrs208    January 30th, 2016    Kenya archive

Home Again, Home Again

Day 14 had one last dawn safari, before a long journey back to Nairobi to catch our flight back home. The flights themselves left at 11:30 pm, so we had to be there to check in by 9. The dawn safari had a few last surprises for us, one group spotted a Caracal, another found…

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eu211    January 24th, 2016    Kenya archive    , ,

ABC of #FieldKenya 2016

Well here we are at the end of our two week Conservation Science and Policy field trip to Kenya. I mentioned in my pre-trip blog that we were excited to see the iconic wildlife, but also crucially to understand how people interact with it and utilise natural resources. We have experienced exactly that. Below is…

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aan204    January 20th, 2016    Kenya archive


Day 10 was again rather uneventful, a full day of data collection, a couple of card games, beginning statistical analysis and then bed. We did see an unusual speckled amethyst sunbird, and are debating whether it’s an oddly moulting male or a true gynandromorph. (Photo by Jake Letori) Day 11 was much the same, data…

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eu211    January 20th, 2016    Kenya archive    , ,

The Monkeys of Mt. Kenya

The afternoon after we climbed Mt. Longonot, we arrived at Nakuru Conservancy and went on our first game drive of the trip! Finally, we were able to open the roofs and stand in our vans. We explored Nakuru and were treated to the sight of owls, cape buffalo, waterbucks, grey crowned cranes, and our very…

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