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Kenya believe it’s all over!

The last few days on the Conservation Science and Policy trip was something we were all extremely looking forward to because we were finally making the 8 hour journey (albeit probably longer as we were travelling in “Kenya time”) to the Masai Mara. It’s no surprise that we couldn’t wait to arrive seeing as it…

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eew204    January 22nd, 2017    Kenya

My birthday in Kenya

Emma Korein Before this year I had never spent a Birthday away from home, so to celebrate my 24th in Kenya was quite a novel experience. We started the day off with a morning safari, where my bus spotted elephants, lions, and over 10 rhinos. But of course this trip is “work” not “play,” so…

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aan207    January 19th, 2017    Kenya    , ,

The Circle of Life

Both the Conservation and Biodiversity, and the Conservation Science and Policy field courses flew over 8 hours from Heathrow to Nairobi on Thursday morning. Many of us endured the long haul from Penryn Campus to Heathrow through the night but of course it would be worth it! After having the agonising wait at Nairobi airport…

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eew204    January 12th, 2017    Kenya

The countdown to Kenya begins…

In just over 2 weeks time myself and all MSc Bioscience students at the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus along with several staff members will be whisking ourselves off across thousands of miles to Kenya. The realisation that we will all soon be spending 2 whole weeks in one of the most iconic countries for…

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eew204    December 17th, 2016    Kenya