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A land of language

With only 10 days until most students fly out to Cape Town, we thought it might be good to learn a few words in the native language: until we learned that there are ELEVEN official languages! This linguistic diversity is powered mainly by the high ethnical diversity in South Africa – with the embracing of…

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mw541    December 30th, 2017    South Africa   

De Hoop

 De Hoop Nature Reserve De Hoop, or “The Hope”, is a small and remote nature reserve on the coast of Western Cape.  Aside from being stunningly beautiful, it is one of the last, and the largest, strongholds for the  Bontebok antelope.  With one thousand left and only in reserves and national parks it was a…

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rak208    January 23rd, 2017    South Africa


Conditions were perfect.  The turquoise ocean was glass flat with minimal wind.  An excited quiet perpetuated by the babble of forty zoology students and the constant sloshing of chum into the water.  And then we saw the dorsal fin of the most famous predator of our time.  Nothing really prepares you for seeing a Great White…

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rak208    January 14th, 2017    South Africa

3 Weeks To Go!

Less Than Three Weeks To Go! As we arrive at the time of year where we are all stricken by end of term syndrome and the onslaught of Christmas, Field Course participants would do well to remember that within three week’s time we will be far away from all this! At the beginning of January…

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rak208    December 17th, 2016    South Africa