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Kenya Conservation and Biodiversity Trip Day 1

Today was our first day in Kenya. We started the morning with a talk by Vicky Fishlock about her work with elephants in Amboseli on a herd that has been studied for 47 years. The talk focused on coexistence of humans and wildlife and the conflict that arises during this coexistence particularly when wildlife; raid…

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er451    January 9th, 2020    Bahamas   

Kenya Trip day 1

After weeks of anticipation we finally arrived in Kenya this evening. We passed the Nairobi national park on the way to the hotel and have already seen some buffalo. We’re all eager to start our trip properly tomorrow.

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er451    January 5th, 2020    Bahamas, Kenya

On our way!!

The holidays are over and our parents are still wondering why we wanted a mosquito net for Christmas and are still puzzled about if Indonesia and Borneo are the same place. 2020 field course fortnight begins next week. As I type, all final year bioscience students excitedly download the field course pdf for the fifth…

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hp391    January 5th, 2020    Bahamas

Thanks for the Memories

Leaving came so suddenly… we packed up the dorms in one whirlwind afternoon and then before we knew it, we were crammed onto that tiny plane waving goodbye to the lecturers as we left our little island paradise.  We learnt, saw and did so much, and living there has inspired us in many different ways…

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Competition Time!

Throughout the course, we had all been armed with a selection of cameras, GoPros and, of course, smartphones.  We certainly hadn’t been short of subjects to photograph, either – all of us combined must have taken thousands of pictures!  On our final day, we collated the best of these and submitted them for a competition…

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