Pyrenees Field Course

Dates: 14-19 June 2020

The Pyrenees bridge Central and Mediterranean Europe, separating the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of the continent. They represent one of the key European glacial refugia and are characterised by steep altitudinal gradients, high biodiversity and endemism. These mountains harbour some of Europe’s remaining megafauna such as brown bears and lammergeiers, and serve as the western migration corridor for many birds and insects.

The field trip runs from a high mountain refuge that will give you direct access to over 2000m of altitudinal ascent with highly diverse and varied flora and fauna. The course teaches practical skills used to study behaviour and biodiversity and considers human-wildlife interactions that are special to the mountain ranges and the Mediterranean. You will perform independent research projects on diverse topics and learn about important work on evolutionary ecology and conservation taking place in this region.

Module Convenor: Dr Karl Wotton

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