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Real Science in The Real World

Prior to venturing across the Atlantic Ocean the #FieldBahamas team was divided into smaller project groups and given a topic that they would research as part of the field course. With bad weather conditions still imminent the research projects were moved forward as they were less weather dependent than the activities you will read about…

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Home Again, Home Again

Day 14 had one last dawn safari, before a long journey back to Nairobi to catch our flight back home. The flights themselves left at 11:30 pm, so we had to be there to check in by 9. The dawn safari had a few last surprises for us, one group spotted a Caracal, another found…

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Day 10 was again rather uneventful, a full day of data collection, a couple of card games, beginning statistical analysis and then bed. We did see an unusual speckled amethyst sunbird, and are debating whether it’s an oddly moulting male or a true gynandromorph. (Photo by Jake Letori) Day 11 was much the same, data…

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Lions and Rhinos (no bears)

Day 7 got off to an unusual start when a puppy stole Purabi’s sock. A day of data gathering later, we reconvened for dinner at 7 and graded project discussions afterwards. A rather uneventful day, with another set of early nights in preparation for more morning data work. Day 8 saw a productive morning of…

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Rain and Marabou

Day 4 for the Behaviour course, and we’re off to another early start – leaving at 7:30 to get to Naivasha at 3. After an uneventful few hours and a stop at the resting place of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, we made it to the equator, where one of the guides showed us the Coriolis…

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