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Lake Naivasha, Don’t rock the boat!

The boat swayed as it moved away from the shore. Ahead, Lake Naivasha stretched to the horizon. Besides a sea, I had never seen such a vast water body. As we leave the shore, a pair of black and white Pied Kingfisher stare at us with far less fascination than we had for them. In…

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Kenya Believe It? We’re Off!

African Behavioural Ecology Field Course departs today The best thing about the forest is that it is bursting with life—even at night. Argumentative insects, singing cicadas and the calls of large mammals resonate in the night. I loved to fall asleep to the cacophony back home in India. Now I live at the University of…

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Biodiversity Kenya: Our time so far…

We are now on our 5th day of the Conservation and Biodiversity field trip to Kenya and we have been so busy having the time of our lives that we haven’t had a chance to update our blog posts! Here is a brief summary of what we have been doing so far. We arrived in…

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Meet the Maasai

Conservation Science & Policy: Day two – Maasai pastoralists and lions The morning started with a walking safari in the conservancy land. As we left the campsite, the sky was tinted in the red shades of the dawn. It was unbelievable. Wherever we looked we could see wildlife; tracks on the ground below us, animals…

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My birthday in Kenya

Emma Korein Before this year I had never spent a Birthday away from home, so to celebrate my 24th in Kenya was quite a novel experience. We started the day off with a morning safari, where my bus spotted elephants, lions, and over 10 rhinos. But of course this trip is “work” not “play,” so…

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