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Mount Kenya and a Disco

Day three with the Behavioural Ecology trip dawned to an early start and more travelling – taking the scenic route out of Samburu park we saw Martial and Tawny Eagles, Black Shouldered Kites, and a Greater Kestrel as well as Giraffes and Zebra. Several hours later we arrived at Mt Kenya for lunch, which was…

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Planes, Buses, Birds and Dikdiks

An eventful first day – A 4pm check-in for a flight at 7, lasting almost 8 hours Off the plane at 5am local time and onto the minibuses, with a quick break to freshen up and do some birdwatching. The airport sported populations of House Sparrows and Rock Martins, as well as the Cattle Egrets…

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Are field courses expensive?

In short? Yes, yes they are. But they can be affordable within a student loan if you are sensible and they are most definitely worth it! I fully admit I am biased towards University of Exeter. I did my undergraduate degree here and honestly didn’t seriously consider moving anywhere else to do my Masters. The…

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Learning Swahili

Habari!! (Hello!) The official language of Kenya is Swahili and while we’re certainly not expected to be fully fluent (as we will have guides) its always good to know a few words to help get by. In the handbook we were provided we were given some useful phrases and information about pronunciation but I know…

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20 days to go!

Now I am definitely someone who leaves things to the last minute; filling my car with petrol, assignments (eep!) and most importantly packing for travelling. There are certain things I like to get done early though and first aids kits are top of the list. Trust me (I speak from experience!) convincing a parent/sibling to…

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