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Meet the Maasai

Conservation Science & Policy: Day two – Maasai pastoralists and lions The morning started with a walking safari in the conservancy land. As we left the campsite, the sky was tinted in the red shades of the dawn. It was unbelievable. Wherever we looked we could see wildlife; tracks on the ground below us, animals…

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Policy team go wild: Our first day in Kenya

The Conservation Science and Policy team waved goodbye to the Biodiversity team at Nairobi airport ad rolled through the warm African night to our first destination: Kiboko Sanctuary or Oscar’s Camp, near Nairobi National Park – Kenya’s first national park, created in 1946. If our arrival was anything to go by, this is going to…

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Naivasha and Nakuru

After spending a couple of days camping on the bank of Lake Naivasha (with hippos just the other side of be fence might I add), the rather mosquito bitten group of conservation & policy students headed to Nakuru. With so much going on around Naivasha it really opened our eyes to some of the environmental…

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Our first 24 hour wonder

(Delayed post from 6th Jan) There is unanimous astonishment in the Conservation and Policy camp about just how much we have seen in our first 24 hours. A night game drive en route from Nairobi airport, meeting with the Maasai people, and oh yes, we walked with lions. After a long, hot and bothered wait…

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