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Day 2 started with a lecture from Brent (a Spanish-speaking Kiwi/ island biogeography expert #ScientistGoals) about his team’s research around the Canary Islands. They have been sampling for beetles and conducting genetic analyses to work out who came from where, and how ancient landslides have influenced the arthropod populations on Tenerife by forming ecological barriers…

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Easyjet -better than the Beagle!*

The sun set as our plane circled the island to land- which meant it took a while to locate our hire vans. Efficient communication via the walkie talkies ensured we were soon on our way, winding up the mountains in the dark. As one of the lecturers pointed out ominously, ‘at least we can’t see…

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Why is Tenerife a great place for science?

Many places have their own unique features that make them great for studying a wide variety of biological sciences. Whether it’s a particular group of animals or special type of environment, every place has something to offer. Tenerife is one place which is has a lot to offer! For many different reasons it is a…

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