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The Cloud Forest experience

The journey from La Selva to Monteverde was incredible. To break up the drive, we were lucky enough to stop at the hot springs in La Fortuna (home to water parks, jacuzzi chairs and delicious smoothies). As if chilling in the pools, and watching each other fly off the water slide (some with more elegance…

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Wildlife of San Gerardo

15th January Our assessed presentations are now out of the way, and it’s time to head to our next location for the field course, but not before a quick stop at the hummingbird cafe! This cafe has a number of sugar feeders that attract a wide variety of hummingbirds, providing the perfect place to see…

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Just Keep Swimming

10th January Today is the day to leave Tirimbina, our bags packed with the damp clothes amassed from the past couple of days and soaked walking boots everywhere in sight. Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold out for us here but we still had some cracking finds, such as this little guy – the granular glass…

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