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The Centre for Future Clean Mobility and Lynch Motor Company to partner on Knowledge Transfer Partnership project.

We’re excited to announce the CFCM have won funding for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Lynch Motor Company, a leading designer and manufacturer of highly efficient electric motors. The project will be based at Lynch Motor Company’s facilities in Dunkeswell, Devon, and will start next year.

Lynch Motor Company are innovators and leaders in the design and manufacture of highly efficient and reliable electric motors that exhibit a high power to weight ratio. The robust and efficient design of Lynch Motor Company has created a loyal customer base in a multitude of markets, including marine, vehicle, air conditioning, robotic, heavy lifting, bomb disposal, hybrid drive, film special effects and rail.

The details of this project are still confidential, however the aim of the project will be to develop a new generation of electric motors and integrated control systems that can be used in hybrid power systems in a variety of vehicles and vessels. This is another fantastic opportunity for CFCM and the University of Exeter to apply the latest thinking and research to cutting-edge industrial challenges.

To find out more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships at the University of Exeter, please get in touch at .

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