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Mark Sullivan and Sean Fielding shaking hands

Mark Sullivan, Capability and Strategy Director at BMT (left) and Sean Fielding, Director of Innovation, Impact and Business at the University of Exeter (right)

We are proud to collaborate with businesses of all sizes, and especially proud of a group of our students who have worked with our partner BMT. A little under a year ago we signed a new industry-academic partnership with BMT, which allows us to work together in cutting-edge research and technology development initiatives for the maritime sector.

Eight Exeter Engineering students worked on a project exploring how electric and hybrid technologies could be used to help reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency in ships. Their findings have suggested some new ways in which ships could be made to use much less fuel and be cheaper to operate.

BMT is a leading international scientific and engineering technical services and consulting business, with deep specialism in defence and security, specialist ship design and surveys, critical infrastructure design and support, and environmental assessment and modelling.

We hope this partnership will be instrumental in helping BMT design a new generation of ships. Jessie Salter, one of the fourth-year Engineering students from the University of Exeter, worked in the project with BMT, and said.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Jake Rigby, BMT Research and Development Lead, and Prof Chris Smith from the University during my fourth-year project. I’ve always been very passionate about sustainability and this project has been the perfect opportunity for me to integrate this passion into my studies in a professional capacity and personally contribute to the development of cutting-edge green technologies. The experience I gained and the connections I made have also given me a lot of confidence as a new graduate about to start my first job within the sustainability and renewables sector.

Read the full press release.

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