Posted by on 23rd Jul, 2020

University of Exeter’s students William Tennent, Jessie Salter, Daniel Jackson and William Cameron have submitted their student project with BMT to the Dyson Award.

Their project called “Green Marine Powertrain Model” developed a computational model that designs the optimum clean energy powertrain system, that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves performance and lowers operating costs, for a specific vessel. The designs developed by this model reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions by up to 28% and we believe they will be fundamental in bringing the marine sector one step closer to zero emissions.

We would like to wish William, Jessie, Daniel and William the best of luck!

“This has been a brilliant research project that turned into an excellent submission. This project has the impact potential to change the world.” (Jake Rigby, Research and Development Lead at BMT)

“We’d like to thank both Professor Chris Smith and Jake Rigby at BMT for their help with this project, the support and time we received over the last 9 months is very much appreciated. We have all thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it and excited to see it entered into this competition.” (William Tennent, fourth-year Engineering student at the University of Exeter)

Read more about our Dyson Award submission or watch the video below.


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