The GeoAtlantic project aims to promote the use of geothermal energy in local communities, through the development of tools and methodologies that create the necessary conditions to favor a transition away from traditional fossil fuel based energy production.

It focuses on several key activities:

  1. Promote the knowledge of initiatives, technologies and the latest developments, to boost local ecosystems in favour of the energy transition, and to promote the most suitable geothermal energy solutions at a local level in the Atlantic Arc.
  2. Support communities and local authorities, through training and advice at different levels, to give an effective response from an energy point of view to the threat posed by climate change.
  3. Research and skills at the local level will be promoted to strengthen the geothermal energy sector chain.
  4. Create local policy frameworks and joint support instruments among the different agents and stakeholders in the Atlantic Area to promote geothermal energy.

The GeoAtlantic project is supported by the Interreg Atlantic Area European Development Fund.


United Kingdom                                 France                   Ireland                     EU

Spain                                                                                      Portugal

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