Excitement amongst 2nd years is building…

We spoke to some of our 2nd year students who are going abroad next term. They are all looking forward to the experience for different reasons – here’s what they had to say…


“I chose Germany because I speak German. It is also a very strong economy, which means that I could find a job in the future (if I like the way of living, the German way of thinking, etc). Mannheim was my first choice for many reasons. First of all because I did not want to stay in a very small town. It is also known for its very good business school. Thirdly because I wanted to continue with my Russian classes but not as part of the degree and Mannheim offers them for free. Mannheim has a very good location and this means that I will be able to travel to many places (not only in Germany).

Whilst being in Germany I plan to do some travelling and get to know the German culture. I would like to get an internship in a German company, to be able to understand the working style and their behaviour.” – Nadia


I will be going to Toulouse in France where I will be studying at ESC Toulouse Business School for one semester. I will do business related studies as they are compulsory there. I specifically chose Toulouse because I have a French friend who is already studying there. The university also has a very good reputation and it is a good starting point for travelling around Europe.

I am looking forward to improving my French, meeting lots of new people, experiencing another culture, travelling and having fun. During the second semester will be working and I have already secured two internships at the tourism company ‘Madame Vacances’. First, I will be in the marketing department and afterwards in one of their hotels as a receptionist.”  – Lena


“I chose to do a year abroad in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore because I was looking for a fresh and distinctive experience. I have done a year abroad before and am aware of all the cultural benefits it brings. Secondly, I want to enhance my employability and differentiate myself from other students in the finance field.” – Karolis


“I chose Australia for my year abroad because I wanted to somewhere I’d never visited before. I’ve studied Spanish since school so it was a bit of a toss-up between Spain and Australia because I could have really improved my Spanish, but I’ve got friends that have been to Australia and loved it so that’s what I went for in the end. I felt I would be more likely to have the opportunity to visit/work in Spain in later life but may not have as such an obvious opportunity to go to Australia. 

I chose UNSW first and foremost because it’s in Sydney which seems such an amazing city and is very different to Exeter and I fancied a change. The Business School was ranked very highly and it’s a uni with a large international population.

I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of new people and experiencing a slice of the Australian lifestyle. I love the sunshine so am hoping for some nice hot weather and some lovely people. I’m also very excited for prospects to travel in the holidays. As I’ll have most of November, December, Jan and Feb off I hope to travel the East Coast before Xmas and then would like to go to New Zealand after Xmas. If I have time I’d also really like to go to the Barrier Reef, Ayres Rock and maybe stop off in South-East Asia on the way home.

In terms of the academic side I’m really looking forward to the Negotiation Skills module as I’m wanting to go into Procurement after uni and learning about business culture in the East Asian Business Enterprise module. I’m also really excited for the modules i’ve chosen outside of the Business School: Marine Environment and Aboriginal Sydney.” – Jess


“One of the main reasons I chose an international destination such as Australia was because of my lack of knowledge of European and Oriental languages, but also because I really wanted to experience living in a large cosmopolitan city like Melbourne. I’ve never visited Australia before and would like to think I’m a perfect combination of absolutely terrified and excited! I’m looking forward to meeting new people, visiting new places, trying new things and just having a bit of a change. The whole application process, the visa in particular, was a bit challenging but I’m positive it will be worth it in the end.” – Mariya


“I choose Thailand because I have been there before on family holidays and thought it was one of the most beautiful and interesting countries I had ever been to. I can honestly say that it is one of the few places I never wanted to leave or return home from, it is truly very special. People have often asked me whether I am worried about going so far away from home but I really am not in the slightest, I am very much looking forward to the experience, I think it is a benefit having already travelled there and lived in various big cities throughout my life.

I am most looking forward to the challenge of adapting to a completely different and new environment. Bangkok is so different to what I am used to at home, in terms of culture and climate particularly, and I am really excited about getting that fresh start, discovering new things, new people and learn from my experiences out there.

I don’t think there are any particular modules or subjects that I am looking forward to studying the most. I think it’s quite exciting that I get to pick some modules outside of my usual field of study, however what I am most looking interested in experiencing is the difference in teaching and learning styles. In a way it is like going back to school as students are expected to wear a uniform, classes and seminars contain far fewer students and participation is mandatory… To a certain extent it seems to be more structured and may seem a bit more personal, very different to the usual lecture halls that we are used to in Exeter.

I plan on learning some Thai whilst I’m out there – I think it would be a shame not to. I also am going to make the most of the food, if there is one thing I clearly remember from previous travels in Thailand it’s the food and how amazing it is! And I’d like to do some travelling depending on how much free time I have.

I honestly thought that applying to study abroad would be a long process and that I would find it difficult to set everything up for my studies in Bangkok from home but it could not have been easier. The only thing I had to do was say where I wanted to go, it could not have been simpler. There were just a few things I had to sort out myself but the international development team at Chulalongkorn have been absolutely brilliant, very efficient in answering my questions and giving recommendations.” – Charlotte


First years – this could be you next year! Fill in your Host Country Form on the International Opportunities / Study Abroad section of ELE before the deadline on 12th July to apply for a place. For more information on all our partner institutions, please contact us at Business-School-International@exeter.ac.uk or comment on our Facebook wall:


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