International Summer Schools – 1st Impressions…

We’ve checked up on some of our students who have just started their Summer School programmes abroad… let’s hear how they’re getting on!


Fudan School of Management International Summer Session – Shanghai, China

“Presently, we have rainy days so far since June is the beginning of the monsoon season. Nevertheless, it will never dampen our exploration! We are enjoying our time here, together with other students from all across the globe. So much things to learn, so much new cultures to embrace.

My plan for this week to explore Shanghai attractions including famous gardens, museums and food like xiaolongbao- a traditional dumpling/snacks. My future travel plan is to conquer Great Wall of China and hugging original Kung Fu Panda!

In terms of academic subjects, I am taking Chinese Civilisation, Chinese Diplomacy & Political History and Mandarin language course.”

Arif Ismail, 2nd Year BA Accounting & Finance

Shanghai – a global centre for Business…



Flora in Oestrich-Winkel

EBS Summer Session – Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

“After one-week lecture, I find the lectures are really useful. They are more European-based, and the subjects varies. So far, we had leadership,

autonomy, economics and finance lectures.


Our teachers are all very knowledgeable and would organize much group work during the lecture, making them more interesting.On weekends, we could plan our trip and travel all around Europe. I travelled to Rothenburg, Wurzburg and Schwangau.”

Flora Lu,  2nd Year BA Accounting & Finance



“Everything is good in Germany. Danke. The summer school is in Oestrich-Winkle, a quiet and green downtown with vineyards everywhere. Absolutely stunning. I am looking forward to visit the European Parliament in France next week.”

Hing Hing Ho, 2nd Year BA Accounting & Finance


CBS International Summer University Programme – Copenhagen, Denmark

“Copenhagen is an absolutely beautiful city; it has safe, clean streets, pretty buildings, and lots of bicycles! It has lovely parks and lots of cafes and shops. It is very expensive, but that is to be expected of a Scandinavian country. Most of the Danish people I have met have been friendly and speak excellent English (which is good because I speak hardly any Danish, I am trying to learn but it’s a difficult language!).

CBS is also a nice university, its campus is very small and compact, but what it does have is lovely, the buildings are all modern so its facilities are very good. I have only just started my courses but I am very much enjoying them so far, they are extremely interesting. I am feeling fairly settled in now and have made some new friends from other countries, I’m very much looking forward to the next 6 weeks!”

Jake Cooper, 2nd Year BA Economics


“I am impressed by a number of things about the CBS summer school. Firstly, I am surprised by the number of Danish students who attend this summer school. According to ISUP office, among nearly 2000 enrolled students this summer, three fourths are Danish. This means you have great chance to meet local students and to experience Danish culture. There are also more European students than I expected who attend the programme. As classes are formed by a smaller group of students with diverse backgrounds, almost every student could talk about the situation in his/her own country, it is really an eye opener to learn how theories are practised differently in different economies. This is a brand new experience for me, as in Exeter Business School where most of the postgraduate classes are formed by 100 or 200 students, the majority of which are Asian. Secondly, Danish people are friendly and could speak English fluently. So even if I am surrounded by unknown Danish words, be they road signs or price tags or product labels, I could rely on kind local people and increase the chance to communicate with them. Thirdly, unlike Exeter, which has its own campus, CBS is considered as a city university, as its academic buildings are scattered around the city and merge with private houses. Actually, I prefer our beautiful integrated Streatham campus.  The main buildings of CBS are quite modern, reminding me of our Building One.

Egeskov Castle, Copenhagen

My impression of Copenhagen is that it is a biking, historical and maritime city with a combination of traditional and fashionable architectures and designs. I attended a sightseeing tour yesterday. The old Marble Church and the Round Tower remind me of the Cathedral and medieval walls in Exeter and the colourful apartments and the Harbour Baths remind me of the Quay and the river Exe. In addition, I feel a little shocked by the mixed public restroom. I think I still need more time to feel accustomed to entering a restroom from which a man has just come out.”

Riuting Li, MSC Marketing & Financial Services



“I REALLY enjoy the life in Copenhagen. The people here is soooooooo nice and friendly. I tried to find my way walk to school because the transportation expense in Copenhagen is too high really. I just have a Map with me but the people in Copenhagen are always there to help you. I feel appreciated for this. The staffs of CBS are helpful and patient too. The arrival service they provided is thoughtful and detailed. All in all, except that the living expense in Copenhagen is high….everything is so great!”

Jocelyn Li, 2nd Year BA Accounting & Finance


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